Unistep ® - Microsoft Visio diagram animation add-in


Visio diagram animation with Unistep

A new dimension for your process analysis using Visio diagrams

A new version for Unistep, compatible with Visio 2016 - Visio 2019  is currently on preparation. Please stay tuned. For advanced information about its availability (target date is june 2021), please email !

Ion A. Cartiant

Would you like to increase the communication power of your analysis, when you display to your audience, customers, ...  Microsoft Visio diagrams: flowcharts, process diagrams, cartography, network, UML, BPMN...?

We developed Unistep, an exclusive solution that can animate your Visio Diagrams in a way not attainable with Powerpoint or other tricks. With a few clicks you may now:

  • Highlight sub processes in your process diagram
  • Isolate sub processes, switch with a click from one isolated process to another one
  • Animate your sub process, animate all threads of your process

Unistep software brings life to your analysis with Visio diagrams. Now you can take advantage of Visio's high precision drawing and leverage it using your communication skills and Unistep features to produce a new kind of winning presentations! 

Example - invoice process

Different versions of Unistep are available for Visio 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013. You may explore the various demonstration, as well as the learning videos, to see how you simple is the improve the communication power of your diagrams. Here you may see in a glance various features of Unistep.



Initial process
Reference diagram with three processes
Process 1
Process 1 - isolation mode
Process 1 - Purchase order receipt Process 1 - Display in isolated mode
Process 3
Process 3 - isolation mode
Process 2 - Invoice reception, invoice is correct  Process 2 - Isolated mode 
Process2 Process 2 - isolated mode
Process 3 - Invoice error Process 3 - Isolated mode
Animation step
Step 3, process 1
Animation step, process 1  Next animation step 
Animation step in trail mode
Unistep Animation in trail mode
Animation in trail mode  Animation in trail mode (2) 
Process 2 follows process 1
Animate two consecutive processes
Display two consecutive processes  Animate two consecutive processes (trail mode)